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Are you looking for more power, torque and better MPG for your Motorhome, Van or LTI TX4 TDi?
Then look no further and also save up to 20% On Fuel Bills
We can remap or supply and fit a CTC Tuning Module.
Our Tuning Modules are designed and manufactured in the UK and comprise a compact electronic module that plugs into your vehicle engine management system and alters the fuelling . These units have extensively tested in the Edinburgh area with great results!
Once fitted the units provide more torque, more bhp, both torque and bhp or program it with a bias towards fuel efficiency and economy
Due to the way the module functions economy is usually improved by up to 15% sometimes more, partly by enabling fewer gearchanges and partly by the improvement in combustion efficiency. An on/off switch (where fitted) allows you to bypass the unit and return the performance to standard.
There are NO alterations to the wiring and the unit can be removed as easily as it was fitted, which takes only a couple of minutes on the majority of vehicles. Once removed no one can tell it was ever fitted. We can also remap and fit tuning boxes to other makes and models
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